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Standard Materials:

ADA & Braille Signs:
Romark Plastic 1/16”, 1/32”
Standard & Custom Colors
Banner & Fabric:
Vinyl Scrim Banner 10,13,15oz
2 sided Blockout, Backlit
Eco-friendly Biobanners
Printable Fabric Cotton & Polyester
Fine Art Canvas & Mesh
Digital Print Vinyl & Laminates:
Permanent & Removable
Reflective & Metallic
Translucent, Clear, & Backlit
Floor, Carpet & Wall Vinyl
Perforated Window & Static Cling

Stickers, Decals, & Labels:
High Performance & Economy Vinyls
100’s of Stock Color Cut Vinyls
Vehicle Wraps & Graphics:
Wrap Materials Conformable Cast

Parking & Traffic Safety Signs:
Heavy Duty Aluminum & Reflective
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Custom Signs:
Plastic-Acylic, Sintra, PVC, Signfoam,

Foamcore, Lexan, Polystyrene, Dibond,

Coroplast, Aluminum & Wood -MDO


Services & Finishing:

Large Format Digital Printing
Thermal Transfer Printing

Large Format Laminators

Mounting – Photos & Vinyl

Vinyl Cutting Plotters

Digital Die-Cutting

Dimensional Router

Rotary Engraving

Custom Sewing & Finishing

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Sticker Application Guide


How do I apply my stickers so that they last a long time outdoors?


Preparing the Surface

Surface cleaning & preparation of the substrate in which the sticker will be applied is one of the most critical steps to ensuring long term durability. The surface must be free of dirt, dust, lint, oil, grease, water, etc.

Depending on the surface a safe cleaning agent is recommended- some examples include- water, windex, rubbing alcohol, goof-off & for more extreme cases- paint thinner or laquer thinner

Application Pressure

Dry Method (simplest & easiest method):

After the surface is cleaned the sticker should be applied with firm and even pressure. With steady pressure evenly placed across the surface of the sticker it will help to prevent any trapped bubbles.

Wet Method:

Same pressure & technique will be used as in the dry method above only this time with an application fluid. A spray bottle is recommended for this technique if many stickers are being applied.

Prior to application there are many different fluids that can be bought or made. There are few mixtures that we have used successfully- for example a small amount of windex in water, baby soap in water, or alcohol in water. We prefer the windex/water but you can experiment and see which fluid mixture you prefer- keep in mind -use at your own risk, we are not responsible for failed sticker applications or incorrect mixtures!

When the fluid is ready - spray a small amount on the surface of where the sticker will be applied, when ready apply the sticker and move until it is in the spot you want it. Now carefully apply as much pressure necessary for you squeeze out any excess fluid. Use of heat gun or hair dryer will help speed up the process. After in place allow as much time as possible for sticker to dry and grab hold of the surface. (Might take few hours or a day depending on temp) KEEP IN MIND- If fluid is not properly squeezed out or sufficient dry time is not allowed then the sticker may not stick to it full potential!

This method may take a little longer but some find it easier to apply free of bubbles.

Feel free to contact us regarding any application questions you have. We are happy to help!

Call: 415-457-4091 or Email: sales@dscsigns.com


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